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life is full of colours

Part of my life
Sunday, July 8, 2012 | 7:43 PM | 0 comments
hey..do you agree if i said life is hard? its really really TOUGH isn't it?
frankly,life doesnt treat me well these dayss..and im sad..:( 
are you guys happy with your life? 
if yes, you should know you're the lucky ones that chosen by God to be happy and you should be thankful for that and appreciate what you have now..cause not everyone can be happy like you.. 
sometimes,i just feel like i wanna give up..give up on everything..
im tired to face all of these drama's life, schools' thingy plus the exam results sucked ! 
oh Lord,i know im facing the hard times now and loads of pressure all around me..
i know God is testing me now..
and i should be strong right? yeah,i have to..
Dear God,please give me strength to keep on walking and survive in this world..

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