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life is full of colours

Thursday, November 17, 2011 | 1:36 AM | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum and hello,

hmm,i am alwayssssss wondering why do i miss someone..why i always open his page on facebook? like everyday kot i open his page....now,i was like WHAT THE F IS WRONG WITH ME?! grrr~
guess what..suddenly he changed his profile picture to the pic which that picca i adore soo muchhhhhh..but i didnt tell anyone though..how can he reads my mind huh? HAHA*okay,iknowiperasan..
however,i love his current picca..hehe..okay,enough talk about him..:D 
is it because i'm lonely? yeaaaa,PERHAPS laa kan..
ohh,yes..i do miss someone which is my friend ! she's my bestie and my neighbour actually.. KIN..how sad dia dah pergi further dia punya study pagi tadi..and im gonna miss her..last night kiteorang pergi dinner sesame at NR CAFE..with lilyana,jieha and our bodyguards..;p 
had a great time with u guys..im glad we could make it like we planned before..
to you KIN take a good care of yourself, be a good student there..be who you are..my mom said that time will change people..i hope as time goes on,it didnt change who you are..stay the same and be a good girl..
same goes to u my another pieces KIRANA's : lilyana..this Friday you gonna fly to KMP aite? me gonna miss you too and take care of urself baby,NEVER EVER forget me tau..i love both of you so much..
jieha with kin

me with lilyana

jieha with her 'sirap laici'

okay readers..till here my updates..see ya in my next entry.
take care and be safe wherever you are..;-)

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