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life is full of colours

Thursday, November 10, 2011 | 8:52 PM | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum and hello..

currently i have two favourite ADELE songs that i just keep on repeat all-the-time...
i just love her voice, she's sooooo outstanding and she's a beautiful lady..:)
it may sound like a broken record for some but i dont know..i just cant get enough..
i love the lyrics..its so meaningful to me..she's such a favourite singer of mine now..
you've to check out my fav songs..perhaps you'll fall in love with her voice,songs and the lyrics like I DO !! listen to ADELE songs really made me cry......:'(

someone like you- this song reminds me of
someone that i like but now he's gone...and have a relationship with my cousin..did you guys know that it hurts me so much? :'(  nevermind i'll find someone like you..yeah,we are fated to know each other but we are not meant to be together....

don't you remember -this will always be the song to remind me of my first love..i dedicated this song to him,it was pretty heartbroken..i dont know where he is right now...we've lost contact and i dont know where to find him.....but i hope you still remember me,baby..and you still remember the reason why you loved me..

you're amazing ADELE..:)

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