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OHGOD..The Finals Is Just Around The Corner !
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 | 8:01 PM | 0 comments
hii u olss ! wahh,rasa lama gila tak update blog...huhui~
lately i've no time to update my blog as usual...sorry busy gila lepas raya nie..
ahh,im soo freaking tired today ! banyak gila assignment yang nak kena buat !
tomorrow got presentation..haihh,mana nak siapkan task lagi..
what a busier life im facing now..all the teachers sekarang pun sibuk nak habiskan dorang punya syllabus..
so currently,everybody is busy with their works and studies ! and a lot of pressure all around me..not just me i guess..everyone who's facing the tests will feels the same like i feel now..
well,tests are part of everybody's life..so,yeah..its normal..
urghh,im trying to be cool and study hard for this finals..wish me luck and pray for me guys ! :)
finals pun dah dekat..im soo freaking nervous ! i guess in two weeks to go...i hope the finals quests will be good to me ! *hope sangat-2
i think thats all for this entry...see ya guys in my next entry..

enjoy your blogwalking and take care of urself and be good to everyone peeps ! 

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