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life is full of colours

Sunday, September 18, 2011 | 2:38 PM | 0 comments
based on my title entry up there..i guess all of you knows what im going to talk about..
yeah,its about my blog...there's alot of people out there comments about my background cover...
they said...'kenapa letak background warna hitam for ur blog cover?' 'kenapa tak letak colour yg meriah..warna-warni...warna blog awak macam orang tengah berkabung je?' 'its ugly' 'hitam tak cool' and banyak lagi lah.. *HAHA ! opps,berkabung eh? finee
first of all i wanna say thank you so much guys for all the comments! much appreciated.. :)
okay,now i will explain to you guys why i used dark colour for my background..
actually,warna melambangkan keperibadian seseorang...as what you can see my background was in dark colour which is black..so,yeah..i love black and i think its cool..
like people said dark/black colour is a sense of mystery...i think i am different from others...
i think i am soo mystery............oh god AM I??! haha...well i think i am..
thats why i put dark colour for the background cover..
so,to people who doesn't like my background cover..im sorry..but im just being myself..
black is my world,my personality (sometimes) and i wont change my background colour until i feel like i wanna make a transformation...
okay,i think thats all that i wanna say today..so yeah,see ya guys in my next entry..
bye and take care of yourself :-)

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