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life is full of colours

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 | 1:27 AM | 0 comments
hey all...hmm,im kinda bored tonight....i didnt update my blog regularly as it used to be..=)
ahha ! just wanna shared with u guys my life's journey so far..
em,last monday i've got my second driving test..urghh,before im taking the test im terrified and soooo nervous ! only god know how my feels that time ! and im so thankful cause everythings goes well and i did it so well ! 
YEAH,congrats to ME and thank god for helping me ! ^^
okay,today i woke up lil bit late..around 11am..
actually 11am im supposed to go to ROAD TRANSPORT DEPARTMENT (JPJ)  to make my driving license..and i've already promised with my buds to pick me up at 11am to head to JPJ..and sorry guys cause im lil bit late...hee~~ =D
oh yeah,nyway, i just had my W705 back from repair and i really miss it so much ! :(
thank god now its back again to me and im so happy for that ! :)
em,actually i have a many stories i wanna share with you guys but now im really really tired and sleepy..
my darling bed and my love pillow is calling me already..weeee~
so,gotta go..see ya in my next entry ! 


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