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life is full of colours

Friday, April 1, 2011 | 10:12 PM | 1 comments
Hey there ! whatcha doin today? going out with friends or going to birthday party someone or maybe...just sitting infront of your pc? hahaa...IDK...but whatever you do i just hope yours will be blessed and hoping your Friday has been filled with happiness and smiles ! ^_^
okayy,here's just wanna shared with you guys about my activities that im doin this whole day !
around 4pm tadi..me and buds start turun from umah masing masing then we went to GIANT for buying some stuffs there..
Then jalan jalan lam GIANT and we went to Drive-Thru mcd's and brings all the foods to DS sport centre..makan kat ctu sambil tengok orang maen futsal ! cool y'all ! HAHA :D
sangat seronok hari nie dapat spent time with besties !
oh ya ! SPECIAL THANKS to AQLILY RIANA cause sudi belanja me and bun mcd tadi...hehs~~
next time keluar lagi okayy buds ? lets hangout ramai ramai...^^
then pukul 730 kteorg balik rumah masing masing...
sampai je umah ade pulak org datang umah tgh maghrib nie...haihhh
suddenly,my cellphone was ringing...pok is on the phone...
pok pulak ajak keluar makan malam nie with buds once again..how supposed im goin out with them..
yelahh ade guest kann kat umah...camner nk tinggal...haihhh :(
but sokayy, maybe next time...dorang pun happy and ak pun text jugak dengan si gilaa (buten) which is she's one of my crazyy buds...^^
okay then,till here i update my blog..see yaa in other updates ! :)
Thanks alot guys cause sudi menjenguk this blog ! XOXO

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